Molokaisupcenter | Entrenamientos de paddle surf en Barcelona
Entrenamientos específicos de stand up paddle para todos aquellos interesados en mejorar su rendimiento y su técnica de SUP tanto si van a competir o a divertirse
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If you are motivated to get into shape and do SUP as a sport, we can offer you different training programmes that are sure to fulfil your expectations.

We have on land training programmes that will help you to feel good and enjoy Paddle surf, or any other activity that you do, more. Participate in specific training in the water to fly over the sea regardless of who you compete against, plus fitness workouts on the board in which we improve SUP and our physical state.

Are you tired of the gym? Do you want to remain in contact with the world of Paddle surf? Do you want to be in shape?

We have a complete training program dedicated to all those that practice stand up paddle and want to improve their performance whilst they paddle, whether they compete or not. The training classes last for 1 hour and they take place twice a week. They are composed of one session of functional training and one session of Crossfit training.

  • Functional training: during this training, we concentrate on reproducing conditions similar to those that we find ourselves in when we are on top of the board through the use of unstable bases (Indoboard, Fitball, etc), this then strengthens the musculature in general whilst paying special attention to the muscles that we use the most when we are practicing stand up paddle. As it is known, the “core” zone has a series of associated muscles that are fundamental when we paddle, we work them with exercises using elements such as elastic bands, medicine balls and TRX, among others. This combination will allow us to strengthen our musculature in some very similar conditions to those that we have when we paddle. By doing this, our body will be much better prepared and the benefits obtained will be very easy to transfer when we are on top of the board. Also, we will improve flexibility and balance whilst we are participating in fun and entertaining routines.
  • Crossfit: we do this training on the beach. We will return to our ideal place to continue this weekly training. With this training, we use different elements that we have found in order to exercise in a combination of Crossfit and Boot Camp. Every session is made of a sequence of exercises that, according to the day, are focussed on aerobic, strength and power work. The exercises are done very close to each other and at a medium-high intensity with little rest interval or, in some cases, with an active rest in a certain number of repetitions. With the help of our trainer and the strength of the group, we will constantly be encouraging you not to give up so that you will achieve the proposed objective. This type of training also helps mental resistance and it is directed at the people that need a little discipline and motivation to train.

Prices and modalities:

  • Inscription fee: €20
  • Trimestral: €40/month
  • Monthly: €60/month
  • Discounts for Membership and storage clients, please contact us for more information
This program exists for those that want to go to battle with the paddle. Maybe it’s not your intention to participate in a race but you would like to refine your paddling technique and give it your all when you go paddling because to get a few seconds down on your personal best is a success. From then, if you want to prepare yourself for the competition you can sign yourself up because, with this training, you will get to explore your performance in all senses.

With these sessions in the water, we work directly on the grounds of different aspects depending on the phase of the planning in which we find ourselves. We believe it is very important to base the workloads on a technical basis, that is, the combinations of the technical element that is ahead of the anthropometric characteristics of each person, the characteristics of the material that we use and the characteristics of the water in that we paddle, all with the aim to maximise performance with minimum damage to the body. This is why we divide the sessions into technique work and workload. In this sense, we will study:

  • Paddle techniques according to the conditions of the water (flat, choppy, waves, downwind, etc.)
  • Paddle techniques in terms of racing (sprint, long distance, etc.)
  • Buoy turn technique
  • Surfing technique on race boards
  • Technique for different types of methods
  • Drafting techniques
  • Tactics and strategies for racing


All of this will be assisted by a video analysis, a very powerful tool since you can see yourself on the water in order to help you to be conscious of your body and of the movements that you do; the mental preparation (focalisation, projections, visualisation, etc.).

The ample physical and mental benefits that support us through the simple practice of stand up paddle are well known: better balance, allows you to gain strength and muscular resistance, improves coordination, develops aerobic capacity, improves self-esteem, etc. But according to Susanna Lier in her day, Stand up paddle (SUP) can give much more than this. An experienced fitness teacher and passionate about aquatic sports, Lier created the Paddlefit method in 2011. This is a method that helps you to get yourself into shape in a fun and safe way by combining SUP and fitness and that can be adapted to suit all levels.