Molokaisupcenter | Deporte y mar - cursos stand up paddle Barcelona
Fomentamos la cultura del mar y deporte para ayudarte a llegar lejos en el stand up paddle y conseguir tus propósitos en el Sup. Cursos y actividades en Barcelona
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At Moloka’i Sup Center we love the sea and sport. We have two very clear objectives: we would like to promote the culture of the sea and help you to go far with stand up paddle and reach your goals.



The sea became a philosophy of life. Like an approaching wave, at Moloka’I we want to bring this way of life closer to all the people that come to our SUP Center. At Moloka’i we do more than SUP.


We want to do our bit, day by day, wave by wave, to achieve a point when the sea plays a bigger role in our lives. We would like to share our knowledge about the sea to learn from it and about it. There are still too many people who live with their back to the sea and they are missing many wonderful things. The sea gives us and takes away, and for that reason, we should know how to make the most of what it offers us and we should know how to take care of it and respect it at the same time.
With Stand Up Paddle we can enjoy the sea and connect with it easily and cheaply. We perceive all its energy because when we are doing Stand Up Paddle, just a very thin board separates us from the sea and we constantly feel the water and the waves under our feet.
In our small islands we also get away from the city and its stress, a breath of peace that helps us to live in the present and forget about time and traffic jams. SUP is probably one of the quickest ways to get away from the city and be surrounded by nature.
SUP is suitable for any age group or fitness level. At Moloka’i we will bring you closer the sea with safety and confidence. We make sure you do a good workout, feel great and enjoy its benefits.
Come along on your own or with a group of friends and enjoy this fun and easy activity. Aloha!



If you want to get fit and do well at Stand Up Paddle, catching waves, racing or paddling downwind, at Moloka’I SUP Center you will find top-quality equipment to practice all these skills and qualified trainers with experience in competing that will bring out the best in you.


Paddle boarding is an excellent workout because it engages your entire body: arms, back and especially the core area.
Posture, balance, reading the weather conditions and the sea state, technique, resistance, possible dangers, tactics, visualizations and rules and regulations.
We work on your progress from a holistic approach to sport to make sure you perform at your best and achieve your goals. You will always have a committed trainer to guide you and motivate you to carry on progressing at your own pace but without moving away from your objectives.
We are the best option for all levels. We will make sure that success is no longer a probability but a choice. It’s up to YOU.